Lament for Jerusalem Instrumental
Purple for Red Instrumental
Rhythm In the Stars Instrumental
Raising Lazarus Instrumental
Save My Brother Instrumental
Talking Hearts Instrumental
Waterfall Instrumental
The Runner Instrumental
The Samaritan Instrumental
The Visit Instrumental
Beyond the Horizon Instrumental
Tragedy Instrumental
When Angels Call Instrumental
Innocence Of A Child Instrumental
Kiss Of Death Instrumental
Encounter Instrumental
Space Ballet Instrumental
Earth Awakes Instrumental
Still Small Voice Instrumental
Seasons of the Spirit Instrumental
Through the Night Instrumental
Butterfly On the Road Instrumental
Bird Against the Wind Instrumental
Crown of Thorns Instrumental
Down to Earth Instrumental
Eagle Fly High Instrumental
Fragile Silence Instrumental
Meet Me In Paradise Instrumental
Broken Instrumental
Beautiful Life Instrumental
‘Living Waters' Instrumental
Dreams In Motion Instrumental
White Dove Instrumental
Love On Fire Instrumental

About Us

My dream is that people will find my music enjoyable, interesting, compelling and be inspired in
some way.

I like to contemplate agape love, faith
and hope, beauty in personal character, courage and
conviction as well as honest feelings associated with
despair and brokeness etc…..

EG. ’Champions’ is a
deliberately subdued but indelible tribute to unrecognised
heros (known to me) who devote their everyday lives to
victims of injustice, poverty and vulnerability.

In contrast to this, ‘Raising Lazarus’ is an attempt at
portraying the atmosphere surrounding the epic hope of
mankind that was made real.

’She’s Just Asleep’ was a response to the story of Jairus
Daughter and the illness and death of a fourteen year old girl
known to me.

‘Innocence of a Child’ was in response to a documentary on
an atrocity involving the murders of men, then children and
then mothers in eastern Europe.

‘Love on Fire’ is what it is and I often reflect that even when
we are down or frail, we can still love and reach out to one
another and show beauty, however great or small the
gestures, till the last embers cease to glow.

‘Whispers Above The Wind’ is about listening above and
beyond the everyday stormy noises and even the raging
hurricanes of life for the peace we know we can have.

‘Beautiful Life’ is not a “sweet” naive musical rendering,
rather a sincere reflective tribute to a friend who despite
great hardships, has lived an inspirational ‘beautiful’ life, full
of love, faith, hope and character.

Say Hello__________I would love to hear from you.

Laurence A Kerr

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